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Accident Repair

At Frank Keane we understand the difficulties an accident can bring and have designed the type of quality service that can take away the stress and worry of crash repairs.

With just one call, we will:

  • Recover your vehicle, if it is legally un-driveable - to one of our Manufacturer Approved Bodyshops.
  • Ensure only factory-trained technicians repair your vehicle to the highest standards.
  • Ensure only genuine manufacturer parts are used in the repair of your vehicle

Plus, if the accident wasn’t your fault, we can arrange for a replacement vehicle at no cost to yourself (if you were the driver) for the duration of the repair.


It is important that you call us following the accident. We can then help you to minimise any inconvenience caused by the accident from the outset. Why not print off our “What to do in the event of an accident” guide and leave it in your glovebox so that you have our details within easy reach.

Our essential guide to what to do in the event of a road traffic accident.

With the Road Safety Authority highlighting the increased dangers on our road and urging motorists to drive with caution – Frank Keane cares about the safety and wellbeing of its customers so we’ve come up with this helpful guide on what to do in the event of an accident.

Spending a few moments familiarising yourself with these helpful pointers could save you time and inconvenience in the event of an accident.

Accident Advice

What to do if your Vehicle is involved in an accident:

  • Stop, take some deep breaths, this will help you calm down, so that you can ensure that you record all information needed from this point on accurately.
  • Make sure you and all others are safe. If you can’t get out of your vehicle, or it is not safe to try – keep your seat belt fastened , turn on your hazard lights and call 112 or 999 if possible and wait for help to arrive. If you can drive your car and are in an unsafe spot or are blocking traffic, find a safe and legal place to park the vehicle.
  • Turn off the ignitions of the vehicles involved.
  • Keep your vehicle insurance details in the glove compartment, including a pre-printed form allowing you to provide the particulars of any accident.
  • Stay at the scene of the accident until the Garda have come and gone, making sure you have the name or number of any Garda in attendance.
  • Exchange names, addresses, driver's license details, vehicle registration and insurance details including Name and address of other drivers insurance company and the number of certificate of insurance with the driver of the other car (See insurance disc on windscreen).
  • Get the name and address of each witness. You could offer a form of identification as a gesture of goodwill. Try to see identification from the other parties to ensure the details exchanged are accurate (i.e. driving licence).

Note the:

  • Date, time and location of accident.
  • Speed of vehicles involved.
  • Debris or marks on the road relevant to the accident.
  • Manner of other drivers driving.
  • Width of road, road markings, state of road surface, weather conditions, visability.
  • Whether other driver and passengers were wearing seatbelts.
  • If you do have a camera or a phone camera, photograph the scene.
  • Review your policy to make sure of your coverage. Make a list of questions and related information you want to know.
  • Report the accident promptly to your insurance company.

A sketch now will save time later:

  • Make a quick sketch at the scene of the accident and remember to include as many details as you can.
  • Make notes of street names, vehicle locations and directions of travel, skid marks, collision points etc (the more details the better).

Additional information

For more help, advice and information please call us on 01 240 5666.

Click here to download a copy of this guide to keep in your glovebox.

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