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Servicing Your Vehicle with Frank Keane

You might think that neglecting an annual service might save you a few euros now, but skipping a service is a false economy.

One important thing to consider is the fact that you must ensure your vehicle is road legal. Missing that service could mean that a worn part causes you a problem when it comes to NCT or DOE testing.

Spending a little money now could also make your vehicle more economical and save you some cash. Ensuring your vehicles engine is running smoothly, the tyres are in good condition and the exhaust has plenty of life left in it can all result in less fuel being consumed. And yes, that could mean a few extra miles per gallon over the course of a year.

Safety and peace of mind are also two important factors. When considering the former, obvious things like tyres, fluids and lights spring to mind. Worn items could at best leave you stranded and at worst put your safety at risk.

Spending on a service can often avoid huge bills later on. And at every Frank Keane Dealership, we pride ourselves on having factory trained technicians, a fully equipped specialist workshop and a friendly, proactive approach to ensuring we keep your vehicle running in a safe, efficient and cost effective way.

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